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Collaborative, Web-based Documentation

Providing access to information about your organization's systems and processes is critical for business continuity, surviving the loss of key employees and making smart decisions. netViz Enterprise (nVista) lets you share information in a Web-based, collaborative environment.

netViz Enterprise consolidates enterprise data and displays it graphically. By allowing stakeholders to update, mark up and annotate diagrams right from their desktops, netViz Enterprise ensures that your business documentation remains accurate and delivers the right information to the right people at the right time. With its ability to display stakeholder input in real time, netViz Enterprise is also a great way to communicate graphically, across the office or around the Globe.

Graphical Data
It’s easy to store enterprise information in spreadsheets, manuals and other documents, but people don’t understand information well when it’s depicted that way. Databases are great places to store information, but they’re not the best environment for viewing data. And while conventional drawing or diagramming tools allow you to get information from graphics, they’re not connected to the raw data they’re trying to reflect. The result – a disconnect between the information you need and the form in which you need to see it.

Depicting Data Graphically
netViz Enterprise presents complicated data graphically. When you see a netViz Enterprise diagram, you’re actually looking at graphical reflections of object and relationship information in a database. netViz Enterprise allows you to view graphics while maintaining a close relationship to your underlying data. That makes it easy to get access to critical enterprise data. Data-embedded graphics also means that you can see enterprise information in different forms. From a simple toolbar pulldown, users can view their organizational data in tables instead of diagrams.

And because netViz Enterprise graphics are visual representations of underlying data, users can search for specified objects right from their desktops.

A search by type will show you all objects of a single type that contain the data you specify. You can also search by data value to find all objects of any type containing the data parameters specified in your search request. Search results are presented in tables. Just click on a record and you’ll go to the diagram that contains that object.

Track Relationships
netViz Enterprise keeps track of relationships between objects, so you can see how things are connected across vast systems. Once you’ve opened a netViz Enterprise project, you can explore every vertical and horizontal relationship throughout the system and trace connections from top to bottom. Users can click on links to traverse them across distant diagrams. There’s no better way to understand your systems.

High-Quality Graphics
Unlike conventional browser-based zooming, netViz Enterprise lets you zero in on selected portions of diagrams with no loss of graphic quality. All netViz Enterprise diagrams and objects are created from vector graphics, which look great regardless of zoom level. Our extraordinary graphic functionality allows you to pack more information into diagrams without having to worry about whether it will be fully accessible to your users. With netViz Enterprise, you get desktop-quality graphic performance over the Web.

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