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Web based publishing for Network Documentation

A great way to distribute netViz projects over the Web. Use webView to store and share critical enterprise information in a central, secure location. Users around the globe easily export from the netViz desktop to the webView server. WebView automatically publishes the project and sends customised e-mail notifications - with a link to the project's url - to the publisher and designated viewers

  • Share design plans with select members of your IT team. If changes need to be made, just modify the project and republish it.
  • Make proposed installation configurations available to customers.
  • Document your corporate IT structure and instantly make the graphics and data available to every member of your IT team around the globe for tech support, configuration management or troubleshooting

WebView Standard or WebViewPro - which is right for you?

WebView Standard publishes a netViz project to the Web, either on the Internet or an Intranet, and maintains the great majority of the functionality of the native netViz application.

WebView Pro goes further. As well as all the features of WebView Standard the Pro version allows your projects to be managed by workgroups. The projects are protected through a log-on procedure. Access to individual projects can be limited to members of particular workgroups and in addition the members of the workgroups are automatically emailed if a project is updated.

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