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Web-publishing Server Software

The Web Publishing Server enables the publication of netViz projects to the web. Interfacing to standard browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Netscape, the web server enables you to communicate your vision. Many diagramming tools have HTML-publishing options, but all they do is allow you to distribute flat, empty drawings. Only netViz allows you to publish your diagrams along with their hierarchies and embedded data, so that anyone with access to a Web browser can fully understand your entire model or a defined sub-set.

With just one command from netViz you can generate a Web-server database from your netViz documentation project. People accessing this graphical database through a Web browser see not only your drawings, but can also navigate the project's vertical hierarchy and view all embedded data for every object. Web publishing supports SQL databases on Windows servers.

The latest version allows you to do some great things.

Rest your pointer on a node or link and instantly see the user-defined data for that object.

  • Double click on a node to drill down one level.
  • Do data searches over the Web directly from a diagram.
  • Search for any object or link by name or data value.
  • Search for all objects of a specific type.
  • Search for all objects that have specified text or numerical values in a key field or other field.

Access to sensitive information is controlled by creation of a dynamically maintained sub-project, releasing only the pre-defined information to the web publisher. As with all web served information, regular updates from the source information ensure that your data is up to date and correct.

WebView Standard or WebViewPro - which is right for you?

WebView Standard publishes a netViz project to the Web, either on the Internet or an Intranet, and maintains the great majority of the functionality of the native netViz application.

WebView Pro goes further. As well as all the features of WebView Standard the Pro version allows your projects to be managed by workgroups. The projects are protected through a log-on procedure. Access to individual projects can be limited to members of particular workgroups and in addition the members of the workgroups are automatically emailed if a project is updated.

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