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Network Support

Track your entire network from top to bottom with one netViz file.

Suppose you’re the administrator of a modest 200-user network. When you throw in servers, routers, hubs, and a few hundred components, your modest network translates into thousands of objects and relationships. How do you stay on top of it all? As a network professional, you need to get your arms around an overwhelming amount of information about a vast, complex, inter-linked system. To get a full understanding of such a system you need:

  • A central repository for all of your network data - including comprehensive information about components' system-wide connections, and
  • An easy way to get to and understand that data.

netViz gives you both. We provide a way to graphically visualize complex information. Once you've created a netViz diagram of your network, you can easily explore every vertical and horizontal relationship throughout the entire system and examine the data associated with every object and link.

Because netViz internally stores all information about your network components and their network-wide interconnections, your netViz diagrams alone give you access to the information you need in the form you need it.

Here's what netViz can do for you:

  • Tech support gets a call because a user can't log on to the network. Using nothing but your netViz diagrams, graphically trace every connection and component between that user and the server. See who else is connected to the affected segment, print out a table showing all of the workstations on the segment, and click on a record in the netViz table on-screen to go directly to its corresponding diagram.
  • Procurement wants to order upgrades of a software package your company uses and needs to know how many licenses to get. Just do a data search within your netViz diagrams.
  • You want to understand the status of your entire network from top to bottom. Link the data generated by your network management software to your netViz diagrams to see the data graphically.


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