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KENSON training not only covers the features of a product, but how to use it effectively.

netViz training is available on the following products


netViz provides tools for network documentation and information management. It combines graphics with data in ways no simple picture can and helps you and others in understanding the logic behind the diagrams. netViz pictures the network in terms of its physical as well as logical layout. This powerful software has a wide range of valuable and timesaving features.

Designing Databases for netViz

Although it appears as a graphics programme netViz is database driven. Existing or new databases of hardware and software inventory, along with connections and every aspect of your network can be used to populate netViz network documentation. This course can save days of work in creating the right databases to maintain both small and large scale networks.

WebView Training

Kenson offer a one-day combined consultancy and training package to assist you in setting up and using the WebView package within your environment.

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Course Dates and Prices  Course dates and prices

This course is designed for those people who have recently purchased netViz and for those who may be considering embarking on a large network documentation exercise.

  • Saves money - staff have in-depth knowledge of the product therefore no need for expensive consultancy in order to document the network
  • Saves time - attendees are immediately productive as training eliminates the need for time consuming self-teaching
  • Staff morale improved as knowledge and skills are increased
  • Accurate and professional network documentation
  • Full potential of the product is realised, return on product investment increased
  • Practical exercises ensure delegates demonstrate new skills

A pre-course questionnaire is provided in order to understand customer needs fully. Course content includes:

  • Introduction to documentation
  • Basic features and diagrams of netViz
  • The catalogue i.e. data fields, synchronising & importing catalogs, defining node types
  • Advanced diagramming techniques such as data driven graphics & aliases
  • Previewer, table view, connectivity view & composite views
  • Database functions i.e. importing data from databases & excel spreadsheets, mapping nodes to sub-diagrams, mapping links & updating databases

  • Interactive classroom sessions with practical exercises
  • Limited class size of 8 people increases instructor/student interaction
  • Courses can be on customer premises or at Kenson offices
  • Attendees receive a set comprehensive course notes and a certificate upon completion

£1400 + VAT per person for 3 days at Kenson offices The price for an on-site course is available upon request


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