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Kenson provide the missing link between Cisco Works and fully automated desk top or intranet based network documentation.

Schematic of netViz-Cisco link

Schematic of netViz-Cisco link (7k)
Why do we perform this Integration?

Cisco Works provides a huge amount of detail for complex Cisco based networks. There is often a need to make this information easy to interpret and accessible to a wide range of people. NetViz, the premier network documentation tool, can do this. The results from this service empower you to better understand and operate your network.

How do we perform the service?

By linking netViz to Cisco Works Kenson have created a tool for better managing networks and have also streamlined the creation of comprehensive network documentation for Cisco based networks. This creates network diagrams which can be posted as web pages or viewed with netViz software.

In discussion with the clients, we will scope the project. This involves the following:

  • Kenson require access to your Cisco Works database.
  • Establishment of the graphics you want to use to represent routers, switches, links and so on.
  • Agreement of site and device naming conventions.
  • Discussion on the final look and feel of the project.

Deliverables include

  • An electronic version of the documentation.
  • Written procedures summarizing how the documentation was created.
  • A copy of netViz Professional software.
  • Up to 5 days on site assistance.

An optional four-day netViz training course, which includes a one day Structuring Databases using netViz course, is available to allow clients to maintain and update their documentation. Kenson would highly recommended this as the training is particularly valuable in creating and maintaining change control procedures.

Key Service Aspects
  • We integrate & re-format your existing Cisco Works data to reduce timescales & costs.
  • We provide you with a graphical representation of your Cisco Works data.
  • Kenson have developed best practice documentation methodologies and therefore offer a structured approach to documentation in distributed networks.
  • We produce data which enhances change management control.
Key Service Benefits
  • Saves time and money by enhancing your existing Cisco Works data to provide a more comprehensible view of your network.
  • Web publishing makes network data more accessible and keeps staff up to date with network changes.
  • Quality documentation makes it easier to maintain and improve your network service delivery, as change is often the biggest source of disruption.
  • Faultfinding time is reduced, as planning changes is quicker as a result of fewer misunderstandings that result in service disruption.
  • Empowerment - You will have a graphical representation of what you have on your network, where it is and how it is configured as well as the confidence that the information is always up to date.
How to engage Kenson

Call Kenson on 01285 647900 and indicate your initial requirements. We will then help to scope out an approach that meets project costs, timescale and resource requirements. Upon agreement of scope, the project can then be planned in detail and implemented.


Kenson can perform the data capture, which can be automated or manual, site visits are required to check local connectivity. The documentation can be made available through web browsers using web publishing, although the service does not include this as standard. Where change control is difficult to implement, it may also be worth considering a regular audit service to ensure that accuracy and consistency is maintained.

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