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Business Documentation

With netViz, you can embed forms, letters, contracts, and other documents your employees and stakeholders need.

The Problem
Enterprises typically do a poor job organizing and distributing the information employees need to do their jobs. Common intranet formats make browsing time-consuming and difficult. Employee knowledge – your most valuable data asset – remains unmanaged and decentralized in folders, paper notes, e-mail, and people’s memories.

The result - if you’re like most companies, you’ve got one or two key people in each of your departments who know exactly what’s going on and how to do everyone’s job. When other staff members leave or take vacations, those key people pick up the slack themselves or train new people to perform the required job functions. If any of them quit tomorrow, you’d be in big trouble.

The netViz Solution
Use netViz to create business documentation that embeds data, documents, and employee knowledge into accessible repositories of the information that keeps your business afloat. netViz allows you to store enterprise information graphically and hierarchically – organized in whatever way makes the most sense to you.

With netViz, anyone can open your corporate file and immediately drill down to accurate, up-to-date enterprise information. You can embed forms, letters, contracts, and the other documents your stakeholders need access to on a daily basis. If something changes, modify it once and everyone will have instant access to the new version. And the powerful collaboration features in our newest product, netViz enterprise, allow real-time sharing of the internal intellectual capital that would otherwise be lost through employee turnover or other business interruptions.

Thousands of organizations around the globe use netViz to document business processes, IT networks and the workflows that support them, and other business systems.


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