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Network Support Asset Management Business Documentation


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Asset Management

netViz allows you to track information about equipment or inventory.

Why is it so hard to keep track of what you have? First, it’s painful to use data in its native format - spreadsheets, database forms or scraps of paper on someone’s desk. Second, most of the asset/inventory management systems out there cost an arm and a leg and take top-dollar consultants months to implement.

The lack of good inventory management costs industry dearly. A META Group study found that half of surveyed companies had no data on how their software had changed in the past year in terms of upgrades, deletions, or new packages. They also found that as much as $70 billion industry-wide (nearly 10% of total IT purchases) could go to wasteful IT spending, including purchases of unused or underused hardware and software.

We’ve got a great solution - netViz. Pay attention here, because we think we’re on to something (so do many of the organizations that use netViz for asset and inventory management, including Comsat Argentina, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and the Lockheed-Martin team in charge of the Hubble Space Telescope).

netViz is effective, easy to use, and costs a fraction of what you’d expect to pay. Our software was built on a simple foundation: Data that’s depicted graphically is easier to understand than data that isn’t. We depict the information you already have with hierarchical, data-embedded diagrams. You’re able to portray asset information data in whichever way makes most sense to you. Need to update your netViz information? It’s easy: When the underlying information changes, your netViz diagrams automatically change along with them.

Here are just some of the things you can do with netViz as an inventory management component of an OSS or stand-alone asset-management package:

  • Your company is buying new software that requires 128 MB of RAM. Do a search within netViz to find the workstations that will need RAM upgrades. View the results in tables or diagrams. Print the search-results table and send it to procurement. Or alter your diagrams to flash or change the color of every workstation that needs more RAM.
  • You’re a telco and you implement netViz as the inventory management system component of your operational system support software. A customer calls to say their line is down, so you use netViz to graphically see what other customers’ data links go through that node. You proactively call them to say you’re already working on the problem. Use netViz to graphically see what other lines are available for rerouting traffic.
  • Your company gets new equipment and the asset management information is already sitting in a procurement database. You link the procurement database to netViz to automate the process of adding equipment. Here’s how: once a requisition is completed, each item’s details are automatically brought into netViz. netViz then associates it with the appropriate graphic, placing it in the receiving-room diagram within the netViz project. When the equipment actually arrives, drag the object on the screen from the receiving room to the appropriate office and fill in the user’s name.

When you link your netViz projects with your enterprise asset management data repository, you create extremely powerful, accurate, and easy to understand documentation that will always reflect your current enterprise information.


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