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netViz Professional includes all the tools you need to visualize data, including:

  • Data-embedded graphics
  • Create Data-driven graphics
  • Search function
  • Ability to create hierarchies and do inter-diagram linking
  • Drag-and-drop connections to external databases
  • Previewer - shows thumbnails of the diagrams at the end of a selected link or the diagram under a selected node
  • API Programming Tools
  • Web-publishing - Publish your diagrams and underlying data to the Web (netViz Web-server software must be purchased separately).
  • Export to PowerPoint and HTML
  • Over 8,000 graphics, including many vendor-specific network components

If you plan to link netViz graphical objects to outside data sources, create data-driven graphics, use the API or publish to the Web, netViz Professional is for you.

Whats new in netViz 7 (Click the screenshots for enlarged view)

netViz has added powerful new capabilities to help your organization automate many of the IT and business related documentation tasks. One of the new features is the ability to have a single object be represented by different graphics depending on its data value. Additionally, netViz 7.0 allows for the graphics to change fill color, line color, line thickness, blinking status, rotation, or as described above show an entirely different graphic, dependent on data values.

Click for enlargementWith netViz 7.0, we introduce macro fields—essentially embedded data fields that can be set to calculate compound values or fetch data from elsewhere in the project. These Macros are powerful because they add automated intelligence to the netViz projects.

Click for enlargementUntil now, there was not an easy way to create a high-level business view of critical infrastructure components. This new features allows selected visual overrides to propagate up through the project to warn when a critical situation needs attention. For example, in a network, if a router goes down, netViz can cause all of the router’s parents and ancestor nodes to blink, so that a user who opens the project will see a blinking site, containing the down router. When a low-level business process generates an alarm, the alarm can propagate to the top level, notifying that an issue exists immediately, with the ability to drill down to the issue. The netViz alert mechanism provides a great way to supply critical information in a high level view.

Click for enlargementnetViz 7.0 provides the ability to set one double-click behavior (what happens when you click on an object) for multiple objects of that type. For example, this feature can be used to set every Cisco Router to open a Cisco support page, when the icon is double clicked. Setting this double click behavior by type will automatically be inherited by every instance of that type throughout the netViz project.

Click for enlargementLarger Page Size. In netViz 7.0 larger print sizes are supported, so that printing to plotters and other large documents can be accomplished.

Click for enlargementPassword protection. If more than one person is accessing a netViz project, now an optional password protection is available. The netViz project file can be protected with two levels of password—Open-Project and Administrative.

Click for enlargementExport Usability and Performance Export capabilities of netViz have been improved in netViz 7.0. Usability of exporting to Powerpoint has been improved as well maintaining the double-click behavior. Also, export to Visio has been improved to provide higher quality drawing output, as well as greater export speed.

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