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The project navigator is in essence a read only version of netViz, which allows work teams to view your documentation without making any changes.

  • View embedded information associated with the node
  • Navigate your project using a hierarchical structure
  • Zoom into selected areas of your documentation project
  • Print out selected areas of your project such as screen, browser and print previewer
  • Search function allows you to have full project search capabilities on project data
  • Previewer function allows you to have a thumbnail view of your diagrams for fast navigation on unfamiliar projects and also allows link end points to be viewed.
  • Explore the interconnectivity between diagrams
  • Review data in a tabular format and sort information on criteria
  • Identify all the graphics components used within a project
  • Data can be hidden and displayed as you wish for different user requirements
  • Filter options allow you to navigate views
  • Publish projects to HTML format or to webView standard

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