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Kenson Network Engineering - The Premier UK netViz agents

Kenson Offices in Cirencester

Kenson Network Engineering. Since being founded in 1989 developing excellence in the difficult area of network support has been at the core of Kenson's business strategy. With an initial focus on troubleshooting distributed LAN networks, Kenson has grown and innovated new techniques and methodologies to meet the ever more increasing reliance on networks for IT service delivery.

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At Kenson we ensure that all staff are highly trained to make us more effective, plus we have been providing network services and products for many years. If you are trying to give as effective a service as Kenson in your environment then you will face the same issues - Kenson will help you decide whether it is a good policy to just use Kenson Network Engineering as a service, adopt our toolsets with training, or use us to help establish processes.

Kenson's business is split into two distinct parts, the large corporate end user and support companies such as outsourcing firms or systems integrators. Over 1200 companies have found benefit in using Kenson support products and services. The style of services has evolved from identifying network problems to assisting in defining and implementing best practices.

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From netViz Corporation

"Kenson has built relationships with outsourcing partners, reflecting the increasing importance of this sector to the corporate network marketplace. We have managed to gain the confidence of many of the major players to use us rather than internal staff for non-core activities such as diligence, troubleshooting, traffic profiling and post sales support."

"Since 1995, Kenson Computer Network Engineering LTD and netViz Corporation have worked together in the UK, Scotland and Ireland, focusing on the network documentation market. Kenson's technical expertise and consistent performance have made this territory the number one producing region internationally. As an organization, Kenson sells the netViz software and also uses netViz technology. This special combination has been instrumental in addressing user's needs, helping expand netViz capabilities and developing new documentation techniques."

"Kenson has built their organization from the ground up to specifically solve network-related problems. Kenson has worked with dozen's of organizations to design, expand, implement, document and troubleshoot networks. Kenson's IT expertise and customer base places them is in a great position to take netViz's new 3D technology and revolutionize the way European organizations visualize their business. I am very enthusiastic about our technology and our partnership with Kenson as the IT environment continues to grow and evolve."

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